Student Life

“Learning Beyond the Classroom”

At the NWH-College, education is more than what is offered within the confines of the classroom. Learning is continuous and extends beyond the classroom. We provide a range of opportunities for students to learn through experience, innovation, interaction, leadership and service.

Don’t just join – join in and make a difference!

Students' Governing Council

Each one of us has an inner leader within them, and all it takes is the bravery to let it out and actively become a change agent with a positive impact. Student leaders’ elections were held on 1st October, 2018 during the monthly student meeting forum, commonly known as Student Kamkunjis.
Following a competitive and democratic process, great minds were given a golden opportunity to serve and grow. They take over from the outgoing 2017/18 team; a team that was vibrant and delivered in all their mandates. Are they up to the challenge?
  • Joel Mwangi


  • Dennis Komu

    CS Students Welfare and Finance

  • Diana Murugi

    Cabinet Secretary - Nursing

  • Reynolds Kiprotich

    Cabinet Secretary - Social Work

  • Mary Muigai

    Secretary General

  • Vanice Nyaboke

    CS Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Mary Nyambura

    Religious Activites

  • Martha Wanjiku

    Miss The Nairobi Women's Hospital College

  • Collins Mbuvi

    Mr The Nairobi Women;s Hospital College


    Community Health

Activities & Events

  • Mr. and Miss NWH - College Pageant

    The ability to inspire, influence and elevate people by simply being an example, without necessarily having a big  title to match, is one of the four natural powers of humans. The Mr. and Miss NWH-College pageant is held every year, to identify students who serve as ambassadors of the college and role models in character and values.

    The reigning  Mr. and Miss NWH College –  Mr. Collins Mbuvi and Ms. Martha Wanjiku.

  • Inter-colleges activity

    Inter-college Interactions

    It’s more than networking, it’s nurturing meaningful relations and  in-depth conversations  that propels you to accomplish greater dreams.

    In June 2018, NWH College was home to several medical training institutions during the Inter-colleges sports day, where students participated in various sports competitions.  Our ladies’ team emerged winners and lifted the Volleyball trophy!!  All we do is Win! Win! Win! Come August 2018, we then hosted Inter-colleges Cultural day; an exciting, pleasant and fun –filled event of its kind. Students utilised this opportunity to interact and network with peers from over five colleges