The Nairobi Women’s hospital opens a fully-fledged COVID-19 Isolation Centre

Published on 5 June 2020

The Nairobi Women’s Hospital (NWH) has opened a fully-fledged private COVID-19 isolation and treatment centre at Ongata Rongai branch in Kajiado County.

We have transformed Ongata Rongai branch to become a COVID-19 isolation and treatment centre by upgrading the facilities and staffing it with qualified healthcare personnel and equipment.

The 34-bed facility will be available to persons wishing to self-quarantine and those that may be infected, with options for paying through cash or insurance.

“Our Ongata Rongai facility will enable those who may feel or have been exposed to the disease to seek care on a 24-hour basis under the care of healthcare professionals. Additionally, this facility will allow patients to isolate without inconveniencing their neighbours, friends, and family,” said Michael Walli, NWH Interim Operating Committee member.

Kajiado County Public Health and Sanitation Chief Officer Eddah Wakapa encouraged residents to use the facility and thereby help flatten the curve.

“We are very happy as Kajiado County for this investment by NWH especially at this time where we are running out of bed space. This facility will go along way in supplementing our efforts towards managing the COVID-19 Pandemic,” said Eddah Wakapa, Kajiado County Public Health and Sanitation Chief Officer.

Other measures that the Hospital has initiated during this COVID-19 pandemic include the introduction of the telemedicine facility that allows patients to seek outpatient services online.

The product ensures that patients can continue seeking services from their preferred physicians without the need to go to any of the Hospital’s facilities and thereby maintain COVID-19 preventative guidelines.